U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
U Clip Nut
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MOQ: 300kgs

Spring Nut Clips
Standard: QC 312, as your darwing
Material: Spring Steel,Stainless steel

Plain, Zinc Plated(Clear/Blue/Yellow/Black), Black oxide, Nickel, Chrome, H.D.G., polishing,

anodize,geomet, chrome plating, tinting, Powder coating, spray coating

Metric sizes: M4, M5, M6, M8, M10

U-Nuts provide a strong and secure fixing for applications where two panels require holding

together.Typical applications include motor vehicles, domestic appliances, electrical

equipment and machinery.Used on door trims, roof linings, interior door panels, motorbike

fairings, dashboards etc.

The TR U-nut is a fastener composed of two flaps in clip form with two external
raised thread forms.
The design of this nut means that a double elastic force is exerted when tightened.
This nut can be held in place manually when tightening.
No special tools are required to mount U-nuts, and they can be assembled much
more quickly and easily than conventional nuts.
The self-locking feature means that costly operations such as tapping, welding or riveting can be avoided.
It can also be used with fragile materials such as glass, plastic or enameled surfaces. In these cases the
resilience of the nut avoids cracks or damage to the application area.
This nut locks with tightening torques much lower than for standard nuts due its great resilience.
It is normally mounted on the edge of a panel but it can also be used in a rectangular mounting
hole in the middle of a panel.

U Clip Nut type 1:

PN. Name Size Material Finish
JM-017 U clip nut
(Acorn Nut)
M8, M6 Steel Zinc/Yellow zinc

U Clip Nut type 2:

U Clip Size Chart
Width Length Max Torque
M4 10mm 15mm 3.6 Nm
M5 14mm 21mm 3.8 Nm
M6 15mm 22mm 6.6 Nm
M8 17mm 27mm 15.9 Nm

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